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Lessons from the Pandemic

Covid 19 caught us all unprepared and even though the world has experienced other pandemics prior to this one, for most of us, it was a first. For many Freelancers, SMEs and Startups it was a huge learning curve, as several businesses were forced to re-evaluate the way they operate. Simply put, 2020 was about survival of the fittest in the business jungle!

Regardless of whether the doors of a business closed or stayed open, many lessons were learnt. On an individual level, universal truths dawned upon us and so despite the tragedies that came with the pandemic, we are all a little wiser and a little smarter.

1. The Value of Modern Technology

The pandemic highlighted the significance of technology, as companies started relying on tech. Cloud based communications, collaborations and productivity tools became more essential.

2. Marketing Strategy

For businesses that had never seen the need to invest in marketing, this was a big wake up call. It became evident that having an online presence was vital. Choosing the correct platform for your business and having strategies that engage customers remotely was a defining factor between businesses that survived and the ones that tanked. However, building an online presence and positioning your business all while creating brand love is a process that can’t be achieved overnight.

3. Productivity

Many workers realized that they were more productive working remotely compared to working in a traditional office setting, while others found out that working from home wasn’t suitable for them with all the distractions associated with such a setting. Ultimately, the use of productivity tools helped workers keep track of how productive they were.

4. Hygiene

New hygiene routines, that are now vital to our well being, became a requirement for businesses and our personal lives. The world has now become more conscious of cleanliness and human contact.

5. Relationships and Family

At the peak of the pandemic, isolation requirements led many to spend time with their families and loved ones, while others were forcefully isolated from them and had to rely on technology to keep in touch. The pandemic has fundamentally highlighted the need for physical connection, however it has also underscored how some relationships can still thrive without it.

6. Budgets

During the lockdown, spending on eating out was cut down. People began to learn how to cook, which hopefully resulted in healthier eating habits and more money in their savings account. As a result of new skills acquired during this period, some people may have stopped outsourcing and saving even more.

What important lessons in business or as an individual have you learned from the pandemic? Did you learn a new skill? Tell us in the comments below.

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