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Sunita CEO

Accra's best kept secret

Our vision at BaseCamp Initiative is governed by the fact that a simple idea, can change the future when nurtured in the right environment with the right resources. In fact, what started as a Collective Design Studio, under the stewardship of Sunita Kragbe, is now known as Accra's first Creative Hub. Nurturing the pulse and rhythm of young professionals, BaseCamp Initiative has been paving the way to progressive business culture through creative empowerment.

After 3 years of supporting professionals with work and leisure facilities through the medium of Coworking, BaseCamp Initiative has upgraded its ecosystem to create a new heaven.

The agenda, to connect people from different walks of life under one roof and facilitate the birth of creative thinking communities remains!

We've created a heaven like no other for remote workers, freelancer, entrepreneurs, art connoisseurs, event planners and we like to call it Accra's best kept secret.

Sunita Kragbe | Founder & CEO of BaseCamp Initiative

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