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BaseCamp through the lens of the Expat

Tim Swain, a resident member of the tribe shares his experiences at the Camp with us. 

Please introduce yourself and tell us how you heard about BaseCamp.

I’m Tim Swain and I moved to Ghana from America in December 2019. When I discovered BaseCamp I was searching for a place where I could work away from home. I asked around and didn’t get any solid recommendations till I did a google search and BaseCamp was one of the names that popped up. 

What inspired you to pick BaseCamp as your hub of choice?

I scheduled meetings at 3 different places. When I walked into BaseCamp, I could tell that there was some thought put into creating the perfect environment. It wasn’t just the functional desk and chair kind of place. During my tour all my questions about what I needed from a coworking space were answered. I really liked the mood and the vibe of the place. I was sold! I did check out other hubs afterwards but BaseCamp stood out for me. They’ve managed to create a space that anyone can use regardless of what stage in your career you are in. Whether you are a student, freelancer or an entrepreneur, you can just fit right in effortlessly because of the sense of community that is evident. Plus the Outdoor Lounge is very nice and cozy that’s why I’m there all day long. I take power naps out there without ever feeling judged. 😄

Briefly share your experience at BaseCamp so far. 

It’s been amazing so far. I’ve met some really great people and through BaseCamp, I’ve gotten referrals for things I’ve needed for home projects and also consulted with other creatives to chat about my own personal business and how to manage that. I’ve enjoyed so many interesting conversations with other tribe members about everything, from African culture, to religion,

and politics. It’s been an honestly great experience.

What perks of being a tribe member do you think other members are not aware of or not taking advantage of?

For me, one of the biggest benefits is the access to creative resources. Secondly, I have a family and I can’t do anything effectively at home so working from BaseCamp has contributed to how productive I am. Most importantly, BaseCamp is reliable, they’re open when they say they’re open, closed when they say they’re closed, and they have everything they say they have.

Is there anything you’d like to see improve?

We’re in the middle of a pandemic so it’s understandable that the event calendar isn’t packed but I hope as things pick up, we’ll have a few events. I’m looking forward to a few social mixers so I can meet more members of the tribe!

Would you recommend BaseCamp to other expats?


Rate BaseCamp out of 5 

6/5 That’s why I got the Residency, it’s worth every cedi!

Please share your experiences with BaseCamp in the comments. What memories and experiences live rent free in your head? Which events from the past would you like to see make a comeback?

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