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A very BaseCamp birthday!

It's our birthday month and we're so excited to be celebrating this milestone with you. Together we've all achieved a lot in the last 3 years that is worth celebrating. Although our third year was a difficult one with the pandemic, there are some highlights that are noteworthy. Today we want to celebrate the wins of our 3rd year!

A few Milestones worth celebrating.

1. We successfully relocated and transformed the new Camp into our new home. We refurbished this new site from the ground up, built a pergola lounge and added touches of greenery here and there to recreate the setting and ecosystem that is unique to the BaseCamp Initiative signature. Moreover, from the feedback and reviews of our existing and new members, the BaseCamp image and identity is still intact. Prettier even if you ask me 😄. If you still haven’t been to the new Camp, come through, we’re open Monday to Friday from 9am - 7pm and on Saturdays 9am to 2pm.

2. In less than 3 years of our existence, the tribe has grown to 600+ members 🤯. Through your support, recommendations, referrals and awesome google reviews, we’re growing at an amazing pace. And despite all the losses we have incurred during the pandemic, we are still standing tall. On that note, we are happy to say that your support as a BaseCamper is invaluable and immensely appreciated.

3. One of our proudest moments was when we received our first International Award Nomination, namely the 2019 Coworker Members Choice award for best Coworking Hub in Accra. A humbling nomination that inspired us and encouraged us to keep at it and continue changing lives simply by empowering young professionals within our creative ecosystem.

4. During the 2020 Ghana Industry CEO Awards, BaseCamp’s founder and CEO, the incredible Ms Sunita Kgrabe received the CEO award of the year in the Business Incubator category! 🥳. That speaks volumes to the work that has been put in despite the status quo. It’s the perfect culmination and reward for her genius and a cause for celebration. Thank you to all our tribe members for the support and the votes that helped bring this home 💪🏾. We are truly living up to our slogan: “Changing the Status Quo!”

5. BaseCamp is now featured in Startup Guide Accra! The site features impact focused entrepreneurs and startup ecosystems in Accra, Kigali, Lagos and Nairobi. We made the cut!

So as we head into another year, here's to achieving even more and growing our community. Remember that there's always light in the midst of darkness. Let's all harness the power of positivity. Identify what is working for you, amplify that and do more of it. In addition, celebrate yourself and all the little wins that will come along. After all, success is a series of small wins. Happy birthday BaseCampers!🥳

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